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Page history last edited by Britta Herzan 10 years, 5 months ago

Welcome to our Evolution Unit!  We will be exploring the ideas and concepts behind evolution for the next couple of weeks.  The class schedule can be found below, along with some interesting articles/websites and videos related to evolution.

Evolution Concept Map


Great Evolution Articles/Websites/Video Clips:

Take a Tour Around Darwin's Galapagos

The Art of Deception

Lyre Bird Video Clip

Birds of Paradise Video Clip

Blue-footed Booby Video Clip

Human Evolution Video Clip



Week of February 8-12

Class Materials
Monday 2/8

-Hand back Genetics Tests

-Race Video

Tuesday 2/9

-Finish Race Video

-Evolution of Evolution

Chapter 15 - Sections 1 and 2 (p. 369-377)

Evolution Guided Notes

Evolution of Evolution Powerpoint

Wednesday 2/10

-What is Variation?

-Variation Lab - Day 1 (collect data)

Chapter 16 - Section 1

(p. 393-396)


Variation Lab

Variation Powerpoint

Thursday 2/11
-Variation Lab - Day 2 (graph class data, discussion of results)
  Finish Variation Lab - due Tuesday 2/16
Data and Graphs for Variation Lab
Friday 2/12
-No School!


















Week of February 15-19

Class Materials
Monday 2/15
-No School!
Tuesday 2/16

-Finish Variation Lab

-Natural Selection

Chapter 15 - Section 3

(p. 378-382, 386)

Variation Lab due at the beginning of class!
Natural Selection Powerpoint
Wednesday 2/17

-Ablax Lab - Day 1 (Q3)


Ablax Lab (Q3)

Data for Ablax Lab

Thursday 2/18

-Selection Pressures

 -Ablax Lab - Day 2 (Q3)

  Finish Ablax Lab - due Friday 2/19
Selection Pressures Powerpoint
Friday 2/19

-Evolution Quiz

-Finish Ablax Lab 

  Ablax Lab due at the beginning of class!


Week of February 22-26

Class Materials
Monday 2/22


-Speciation Pit Stops

Chapter 16 - Section 3

(p. 404-409)

Finish Speciation Pit Stops (must do 3, can do 4 for extra credit)

Speciation Powerpoint

Speciation Pit Stops

Tuesday 2/23

-Evidence of Change

Chapter 15 - Section 3

(p. 382-385)

Chapter 17 - Section 1

(p. 417-420)


Fossil Record

Comparative Anatomy

Comparative Embryology

Molecular Record

Wednesday 2/24 -Human Evolution    


Evolution Jeopardy

Evolution Catch Phrase

Thursday 2/25 -Review
Friday 2/26 -Evolution Unit Test

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